Talk is cheap.
Take action for Black equity in finance.

Why We’re Here

Overcoming racial injustice requires actions, not words. We started this coalition to accelerate progress, innovation, and opportunity in fintech and finance for Black students and professionals.

What We Do

Fintech in Action is a coalition of action-oriented corporations and individuals. Together, we accelerate progress, innovation, and opportunity for Black talent—in our firms and across the industry.

How We Do It

We focus on the pipeline—from hiring to promotion to retention. Universities, professional advocacy groups, and community stakeholders all partner with us to create real change.

Our Family in Action

This is just the beginning. Our rapidly growing coalition actively collaborates on new action-based programs and initiatives.

In 2020/2021, we’ve dedicated $1,000,000 to paid internship and mentoring opportunities.
Our partnership with Greenwood Project increases exposure to opportunities for students
FIA Director Michelle Williams expands outreach with a focus on building new partnerships and increasing awareness.

Join Us

FINTECH IN ACTION seeks to increase the pipeline of Black professionals for careers in finance and fintech. We effect long-term change through equitable hiring, promotion, and retention of talent.

Want to join the coalition or just learn more about us?