Take Action for
Black Equity in Finance

Why We’re Here

Overcoming racial injustice requires actions, not words. Fintech in Action (FIA) was created to be a powerhouse resource to accelerate progress, innovation, and opportunities for Black students and professionals across fintech and ancillary industries.

What We Do

FIA is a social impact initiative that harnesses strategic partnerships with action-oriented corporations and community groups. These organizations work together to equip the next generation of Black talent with a higher level of financial prowess and access to fintech careers.

How We Do It

FIA focuses on exposure, education, and access to cultivate a pipeline of highly prepared Black students and professionals to join the finance and fintech industries. FIA also uses innovative resources to increase financial literacy and build stronger financial futures for the broader community

Our Family in Action

This is just the beginning. FIA is formulating new strategic partnerships with action-oriented corporations and community organizations. These partnerships allow for active collaboration on new innovative programs and initiatives.

Since 2020, over $1.7M has been invested towards paid fintech internships, in-office intensives, mentoring opportunities, and educational programming.

Community and university partnerships allow FIA to increase both high school and college students’ exposure to various fintech career paths and provide hands-on experience.

Join Us

FINTECH IN ACTION seeks to increase the pipeline of Black professionals for careers in finance and fintech. We effect long-term change through equitable hiring, promotion, and retention of talent.

Want to join the coalition or just learn more about us?